Dancing mantas flying through the crystalline sea.  Whale songs echoing from a not so far distance.  Sunbeams peering through the clear water from above the surface.  My neighbor playing his music too loud to be contained within the thin walls of a turn-of-the-century brownstone.  David Attenborough’s soothing voice returning me to my temporary solitude.

This was what my weekends were coming to.  A brief respite from cement city via television transport, watching Blue Planet, yet again.  Sure, IRL the previous week’s private soundcheck with Sting was amazing & my fashion event walk-thru at Vogue went great, but something within me wanted more.  My soul longed to be in nature, and it was becoming harder & harder to ignore. 

Something had to give.


One day after watching a particularly inspiring episode of Super Soul Sunday, I knew I needed a change, a BIG life change.  (Cue quarter-life crisis).

I’ve always been drawn to the water, it’s where I feel most alive.  I’m an avid swimmer, interested in marine biology, climate issues, & the few times I had the opportunity scuba dive, it was completely magical; I was totally in my element.  On an emboldened whim, I made the tough decision to jump ship - off the corporate ladder, away from the life I was building, & venture into the complete unknown.  I booked a lengthy trip to the South Pacific to advance my scuba skills & assist in coral reef research.  I packed up 8 years of memories & waved goodbye to New York City.   (Sure, there were a few more logistics than that, but I’ll spare you the boring details).


Early morning, waves lapping against the pale sandy shore. 

As the dive boat glided through the water I looked out over the horizon & thanked my lucky stars I wasn’t in line at a Starbucks instead.  Backrolling into the water, I slipped beneath the surface & all my cares drifted away.  My soul awakened as I was instantaneously transported to another world. 

The wondrous shades of blue upon descent.

The shimmer of light bouncing off fish scales, akin to stars twinkling in the night sky.

The vibrant colors of the bustling coral reef.

The ornate patterns adorning all the fish.

The beautiful silhouettes of schooling sharks.

I did it.  I had made it to the other half of heaven. 

And then, while mesmerized by a Spotted Eagle Ray who was kind enough to grace me with his presence, I happened to take special interest in the intricate markings upon his skin.  They weren’t quite polka-dots, they were more reminiscent of ornate sets of locks & keys.  How incredibly beautiful I thought, why hasn’t this unique patterning been recreated before?  My design-mind took over as I had an eureka moment & the idea of BLUE ADAPTATION came to be.

-END SCENE-Cenote Spotted Eagle Ray

Hi! I’m Jamie, the Founder of Blue Adaptation.  My brand was born from my soul’s desire to find its place in this world.  Soaking up the island-life in Fiji whilst diving every day, allowed me to reconnect to the natural world & discover what truly lights me up inside.
I was so enamored with everything I encountered on my dives, I felt compelled to share the beauty of the underwater world with others.  With my fashion background in tow, I combined my appreciation of creative & thoughtful design with my deep love of nature, which resulted in a true passion project; a love letter to the ocean, or what I like to call BLUE ADAPTATION.
“Blue Adaptation’s designs could be likened to the concept of wearable art with the universalness of animal prints, yet tailored to the ocean lover at heart.”
Blue Adaptation offers environmentally conscious, UV protective, swim & activewear inspired by nature. What you’ll experience within our printed apparel collections are beautiful reproductions of some of the most wonderful creatures in the sea.  Their vivid colors, ornate patterns & markings, are all realistically represented in our line & adapted to our species, as a second-skin of sorts.  Each unique piece is set apart by our exclusive prints that mirror the underwater world, serving as a great conversation piece to share what you love.
Yet, there’s purpose beneath the surface.
Blue Adaptation’s mission is to have a positive impact & present consumers with clothing that they can ultimately feel good about purchasing.  We focus on the conscious creation of sustainable apparel; utilizing both eco-friendly printing methods & recycled fabrications for our ethically made products.  In addition to donating a portion of proceeds to marine conservation initiatives, our eco-apparel allows the wearer to reflect & protect the underwater world they have come to love & respect.  When wearing our product, you emulate the beauty of the underwater world & you have the ability to create awareness & share that wonder with others.  I believe that if we can inspire people to care about the ocean, we can help protect the species that live there.
To learn more about our ECO VALUES in action, click here.
And stay tuned, something WILD is coming your way very soon.      

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You’re an amazing writer. You can definitely see your heart and passion in this blog. God has wired you in such a beautiful way to see His creation clearly.

Sara Culp April 17, 2021

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