Each and every component of BLUE ADAPTATION was consciously considered upon building this brand. Now more than ever, we have a great responsibility to protect the environment we love. We continually strive for eco-friendly solutions for all of our offerings, right down to the sustainable packaging in which they are delivered.


carbon footprint

When first envisioning this brand the Founder, being a minimalist at heart, took pause as she didn’t want to add any more unnecessary “stuff” into an already unsustainable overconsumption cycle. Fast and trendy “throw-away” fashion and wasteful overproduction practices are major contributors to the environmental issues we face today. Instead of avoiding the industry altogether, she decided to immerse herself and become a part of the change she wished to see. BLUE ADAPTATION attempts to lead with sustainable solutions that increase ecological awareness, while valuing ethics and impact above the bottom line.

Here at BLUE ADAPTATION we care about the lifecycle, message, and footprint of each of our products. We are a slow-fashion brand, producing only what’s necessary in order to meet demand. We approach each product with thoughtful design and sustainable, quality materials so our garments are durable and made to last. While the solution still isn’t perfect, we strive to be as responsible and transparent as possible throughout the process. When you know better, you do better. 

RecycleD polyester

Did you know that every single piece of plastic that has ever been made, still exists? For example, a discarded plastic water bottle used only once then thrown away, takes 450 YEARS to decompose. Together with innovative manufacturing partners we’re able to rethink and reduce this plastic waste. Our recycled polyester offerings are comprised of post-consumer plastic bottles. A resulting yard of this fabric is equivalent to approximately 15 plastic water bottles, each of which has been recycled from the millions of bottles in the waste stream, then re-purposed into quality yarn. This regeneration process uses significantly less water consumption in comparison to virgin production and the results are remarkable; luxe high-performance Italian fabric with the added benefit of sun protection, UPF 50+ to be exact. With your support, we’ll be able to recycle and re-purpose nearly 9,000 post-consumer plastic water bottles in our first eco-collection.


Turning fishnets into fashion, quite literally. Our recycled nylon offerings are comprised of ghost fishing nets and other nylon waste that have been recycled and re-purposed into ECONYL® yarn. This product reduces the amount of global waste by recovering it from oceans and landfills and feeding it back into the production cycle. These abandoned nets have the tendency to be extremely destructive and often produce a devastating loss when discarded in the ocean; they kill coral and entangle any marine life that crosses its path.

 Natural, organic fibers

On clothing where man-made fibers aren’t necessary to enhance the functionality of a garment, we choose the natural route when possible. A vast selection of our tank tops and tees are comprised of earth-friendly Global Organic Textile Standard certified bamboo and cotton, both raised without any herbicides and pesticides. Bamboo is also considered one of the fastest growing renewable resources, naturally insect resistant, and requires less water to grow and less dye to process.  

WATERLESS Dye process

Water is one of our most precious resources. Our wet-dry performance apparel comes to life by using an innovative waterless digital print process called dye-sublimation. Digital dye-sublimation is considered one of the most environmentally friendly, sustainable, print processes available. Unlike other printing methods which require large amounts of H2O resulting in toxic chemical pollution & waste, dye sublimation is a dry heat process which turns solid ink directly into a gas – the ink transfer requires absolutely no water for dyeing. The cycle also creates little to no waste by allowing us to manufacture exactly what we need in small batches, cutting back on the unnecessary waste associated with overproduction. The results are vibrant color & durable design – your print will never crack, peel, or fade as there is no leaching or loss of dye upon washing your garment.


All of our quality apparel is ethically crafted; with the vast majority expertly sewn & printed domestically, here in the United States. We take great care in choosing our likeminded progressive partners. With stringent regulations and fair labor practices in place to protect our extended workforce, you can rest assured no corners (or expenses) have been cut in preparing your clothing; human rights and environmental impact are of the utmost importance to us. Furthermore, our products are 100% vegan; we will NEVER test on or use any animal product for our goods.


While excessive packaging can make for a grandiose first-impression, it is incredibly wasteful and almost immediately ends up in a landfill, or even worse, in the ocean. Perplexed by pollution and marine life deaths due to humanity’s addiction to plastic, we only use what is necessary in order to safely deliver your much-anticipated merchandise to your doorstep. All of our innovative packaging is made from earth-friendly, reusable, biodegradable, compostable, and/or recyclable materials – AND IT'S ALL PLASTIC FREE!!! While we realize it's still not a perfect solution to a big problem, it’s a good start. We’ll always be on the lookout for how we can do better for our planet.


While we’re over here doing what we do best (and looking good while doing it), we wholeheartedly have an innate desire to support cause-oriented conservation field initiatives that work directly towards protecting what we love most. BLUE ADAPTATION will donate a portion of the proceeds from each purchase to various marine life, ocean, and environmental conservation organizations worldwide. If you’re interested in becoming an eco-partner, please reach out to us at Exciting things to come - stay tuned!

Eco-Warrior advocacy

Become the blue - this one is up to YOU! By purchasing our products, you are supporting a small, female, divemaster and conservationist-owned, ocean-minded fashion business with progressive values. Such values that will hopefully catch on and drive the industry into sustainability one day! When wearing our products, YOU are emulating the beauty of the underwater world, and YOU have the opportunity to create awareness and share that wonder with others. There’s purpose beneath the surface and TOGETHER, if we can inspire people to care about the ocean, we can help protect the species that live there.